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    Radical Re-Applying to be staff

    +1 hes a good boy now
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    EarthyBoi Staff Application

    -Denied- Please Try Again 7/29/19
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    Staff Application 6-13-19

    -Denied- Please reapply 7/21/19
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    Staff Application

    -Denied- Please try again 7/16/19
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    Staff App

    -Denied- Please try again on 7/3/19
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    Weighted's Staff Application

    -Accepted for an interview- Please contact the staff management team.
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    Staff app ban appeal

    Denied You may reapply for an un-ban again on 6/28/19
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    chips Staff Application

    -Denied- Please try again on 6/21/19
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    Joev1's Staff application

    Yikes DENIED You may reapply never as we do not condone plagiarism.
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    My New New Staff App

    -Accepted for an interview- Please contact staff management
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    My New Staff App I Guess

    -Denied- Reason- Age range not allowed You can reapply immediately
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    Staff application

    -Denied- Please try again 6/10/19
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    Drugs Change

    yes, however, drugs atm make cans (entities), entities can cause lag especially when you put 20 of them into a bathtub
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    Drugs Change

    Drugs are annoying to make, annoying to stock up, and annoying to use. Drugs need an overhaul to make them easier to use. The only way players can store them is in props. Maybe make the drug machines into vending machines and allow the drugs to be stored in the vending machines themselves, with...
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    Cons To Drugs.

    yeah but not everybody uses drugs. I hate using them because of how annoying it is to make them